Saturday, November 03, 2007

Friday 26th October, 2007

Today was a routine day, we took Knud to the park at the waterfront for a while. A friend of Vera's says that boys are like rotweilers - you have to take them out for 4 hours a day, no matter what the weather, otherwise they tear the house apart. I can't say that she's wrong. Knud is quite a loving little boy - but very much a boy. He's inquisitive (wants to see everything - but that really translates to touch everything), and he's got an aweful lot of energy. He's about the least fussy eater I've seen though, which is a real treat.

This afternoon we just went to the local shops to pick up a few bits and pieces - but going outside both morning and afternoon really helps to keep Knud occupied and interested. I fear that he is highly intellegent, so he will need constant stimulation. Still, as soon as he's reading, hopefully books and the world of fantasy they create will help occupy him.

I've never really known a 2 year old to know so much stuff though. He has a real passion for all sorts of heavy machinery. He knows the difference between tractors, diggers, loaders, street sweepers - the lot. I learnt a lot of new words just hanging around with him, since I've never had to discuss backhoes and diggers in Germany before!!! He also remembers exactly where they are on our travels. He always knows which coloured what should be coming up. He's like a spongue. I know kids are at that age, but I didn't expect him to remember stuff long term that he'd just learnt or heard for the first time.

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