Thursday, August 09, 2012

First School Day 8.8.2012

Today was Knud's first school day.

That sounds exciting enough - until you know what happens here in Germany on a child's first day at school.

It's a big family celebration and comes complete with a massive cone of lollies (and small gifts inside too) and gifts from relatives.

We went to the school, where the new students were welcomed and a play was put on by the older school children.  (I was right up the back and pretty much missed everything that was said - but I clapped at the right times - so I'm sure that counts)......

The students were then led off to their classroom and the adults were invited to a breakfast to wait for the students (they only did about an hour of class today).

Apart from Mum and Dad, Marc's mother was there, Vera's parents and Aunty and I....we weren't the largest group either (apparently).

After a short stop back at home, we went out to Moevenschiss (Seagull Shit) - a restaurant - for a celebratory lunch.  So I should probably explain that Moevenschiss is a type of dish, and not just something that should bring you good luck, if you end up needing to wash your shirt.....

Lunch was just amazing...but afterwards there was NO choice but to have a nanna nap because they were not stingy with their portions!

This afternoon I got organised with a German pre-paid sim - so now people here can contact me.

If I can get any photos to load, I have one showing Knud's massive cone of goodies and Lasse has his small sibling's cone too.  Also - the weirdest bike I've seen yet - but I guess it's also practical too.......

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