Thursday, December 21, 2017

18th - 20th December

Had a few quite days at home, which has been really nice.

Tuesday we had dinner with Vera’s parents and Aunty.  Five years has taken it’s toll, sadly, but I’m so very happy and grateful that Vera’s mother survived her stroke.  Talking is difficult for her - but I never had any problem understanding her meaning.  When she showed me a picture taken in the Tweed River, of Marc, Vera Dad and I diving, hanging in her living room - I felt like I’d been wrapped in the family blanket.  Without her gentleness and understanding, (along with Vera, of course), my exchange year would have been so much harder.  She is one of life’s gentlest souls and that shines through as clear as crystal, with or without words.

Wednesday - lazy morning... and then..... the getting of the tree.....

As Vera pointed out, it definitely lost something since there was no snow on the ground at all - just mud and puddles, but we jumped in the carriage being pulled by the tractor and off through the farm we went - complete with many a lungful of oh so delightful pig shit.  Now, I like farm smells - but haven’t had the ‘pleasure’ of pig farms before.  I can smell Jemgum before we get there and I love the smell - but, apparently, the pong of cow shit is inestimably more enjoyable than pig poop.  Note taken:  cow shit good - pig shit bad.

After about 1/2 an hour of searching and rejecting trees, we found our tree (good thing too - the light was fading fast by this stage, and by the time the tractor took us back to the farmstead it was pitch black.

This morning the boys wanted to go to Karstadt and look at the stuff in the shops.  Against her better judgement, Vera relented.  Lucky for me she did - I finally have egg cups... Ottifant egg cups.  (I know this will mean absolutely nothing to anyone but myself) - but to me - it’s a pretty big deal. :)

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