Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Sunday 14th October 2007 - back to the farm

Oh – what I didn’t put in yesterday’s notes is that I actually drove last night – actual real on the streets driving (not cheating Autobahn, straight ahead stuff). It went well – no dramas – it’s a little more stressful, of course, kind of like when I started riding the bike and making sure everything was totally correct – but after a while it was no problem. The drive was only about 15 minutes – but it was good because it pretty much encompassed everything. Good practice.

Also – I broke a ¼ off my tooth – and it’s now slicing and dicing my tongue every time I speak, eat or drink – just fantastic. The tooth doesn’t hurt at all – it’s the one that I had root canal work done on over 15 years ago – so that is one good thing.

We got up pretty late today – threw my stuff in the car, got some breakfast at the bakery at the train station, then went and picked up Ulli and Johann – jumped on the train and back off to Kronshoern. Our train from Bremen to Hamburg was late – enough so that we missed our connector – so we got back an hour later than we had planned – but it wasn’t any real issue.

I spoke with Marketa and unfortunately she won’t be able to come, since she has exams – bummer. Now I also have to mail all the stuff I brought her – there is NO way I’m schlepping it all back home to mail from there!

I am just trying not to think about it too much, because it's sad.

Had a quite dinner and went to bed early.

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