Friday, May 09, 2008


Well well... things have sort of progressed with the extention. We have plans drawn up and the builder (who is still interested) is coming tomorrow to pick them up so he can give us a real quote. I think the rest of the year is going to fly by.

Donna will be up mid-July, the end of July Marketa and Roman arrive for a month and just over a month after that, I'm off.

I have extra news on that too. Mary dropped a huge bombshell - of the GREAT variety - we're off to Mexico for a few days. We're going to Copper Canyon which is supposed to be bigger, deeper, wider (basically in all ways better) than The Grand Canyon. Since we'll be going there when we go to Vegas though - we will have a direct comparisson. I cannot WAIT.

I've started to learn some Spanish - any excuse really, me being me with languages. Hopefully I will have some basics and I'm hoping my natural ear will allow me to pick up a whole lot more. We're travelling down by a tourist train - so it's all part of the fun of the trip.

So that's pretty much it at the moment.

I almost left Iplex last month - got offerred an amazing position, and was going to take it - but they hadn't done their homework, and there was no budget approval for it - bloody typical. My chance to get into the nerd-world of IT (where I'm sure I'd fit in just dandy), work on a help desk for an Accounts Package (so very much my territory already) and get into training - was too perfect - I should have known it would be.....oh well..... such is life, huh Ned?!

So that's it for now....more as it happens...

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