Monday, August 04, 2008

Sea World Sea World Sea World Day 1

Well, to say that Marketa and Roman haven't stopped smiling since they got into the frigid waters of the lagoon at Sea World would be an understatement. So much for the lay in and gentle morning run down the coast - no, the Dolphin Adventure was at 10.45am - so there was NO way we were getting there late for that at all!

Unfortunately I think Roman might be talking in a slightly higher pitched voice for a few days, since the wetsuit he had was a size too small and there was no time to run back and exchange it. Also - I hope for Marketa's sake that his nuts drop back down from shrinking up into his stomach for protection in the cold water..... She might be needed the fruits of his loin down the track.

So, it was on with the spring suit - which HELLO!!!!!!!!!!! It's winter - a proper wetty would probably have been better..... and Sharri with the camera to do my best. I am happy that there were some good shots that came out and the professional ones were awesome. I think it will take at least another week for Marketa and Roman to come down off the high.....

After that start to the day, I wondered if the rest of the park could possibly be anything other than 2nd best, but we took in the tragic waterskiing show - waterskiing good, show stuff SUCKED as usual - same story for the last 3o years and the re-telling just never improves. Still, you watch the stunts and ignore the rest.

We then went and had a bit of a look at the Polar Bears, which apparently have become quite acclimatised to the heat, since their water is warmer than what Marketa and Roman were in, because they delicate little flowers didn't like it so cold!! WTF!!!!???? Perhaps they need a lesson on what POLAR stands for in their name. In the words of a friend....'suck it up Princess'.

The Seal Show was sad, (as in crappy - but it's mainly for the kiddies), but the seals are always funny to watch. Again - the storyline is always childish and somewhat embarssing, but designed for littlies - so what can you expect.

Of course the place was full of Asian tour groups being rude and blocking paths, along with Middle Eastern men and their several wives and spoilt kids.... I really enjoy places like Sea World, if only the other tourists would just fuck off.

Knowing we had another day, we called it quits about 3 and went back to the room to rest - after all, this is a holiday and we were up early.

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