Monday, September 22, 2008

lazy lazy lazy - bad Sharri

Well, we got so busy having fun, that I didn't get back to this blog for the rest of Marketa and Roman's holiday - so let's do a bit of a Readers' Digest version of it.....

We hit Movie World - Roman got his first taste of good rides. He didn't brave all of them - but he did pretty well, I think, considering he'd never been on rides before. Unfortunately in the Czech Republic they don't have anything like Movie World/Dreamworld to go on big rides..... as you can see - he got the hang of it pretty well.

We also went to Dreamworld and Natural Bridge together. Dad had a week off, so they also got to go to Australia Zoo and other places, including a few days on Tangalooma, which they loved.

So that's the very short, RD version of events......

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