Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Halloween Party

Oh Boy - Halloween is a bit big over here, and it's a week before it even hits at the moment. We went the party thrown in our honour, by Danyael and Lenin Friday night - but it was really sad because we were so tired, we couldn't get into the party mood at all. After so much effort on their part, we were not our usually sparkly selves at all. I think Tracy might have been quit pre-ocupied by the fact that she's bought waaaaay too much shit, and now is worried about getting it home without costing a fortune. The bag she bought at the outlet mall was, in hindsight, the wrong choice. She should have gone for a full sized suitcase, and then there would be no issues. As it is, she has 3 on board bags (small handbag, laptop and the onboard bag I bought, but won't need, for all the breakables - hope they don't weigh it at all)! Her big suitcase is monstrously heavy, but we have no scales here, so we're not sure how bad it is. (added later - turned out to be 69lbs)

But back to the party - it was a really good night - even if we didn't last much past mid-night. The original plan was to crash there, but as this was Tracy's last chance for a good night's sleep for a few days - we knew she had to get some quality sleep tonight - so we decided I'd drive us home.

The decorations were fantastic - I can't believe the stuff you can get here. Makes me kind of wish that we did it here too after all that. The trick or treating thing - not so much - but the dressing up is fun. Perhaps next year T and I will through our own Halloween Party.

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