Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Silver City and back to Phoenix - Sunday 12th October

We looked around Silver City this morning - and went and had brunch at Grinders - Mary's favourite old haunt and then hit the road.....

We stopped to take photos at the Continental Divide - Dora had her photo taken there too.

Loads of amazing scenery on the way and we stopped at a small store outside Cliff where Mary had once worked. Tracy discovered 40oz beer and I knew we were in trouble.......

We're off and running and stopping, and running and stopping and running for the next several hours. Road side pitstops where no rest stops were found - but we were making progress.

We stopped at this store called the 'Three Way" - so of course I had to have a t-shirt from there. Silly thing is - it's actually a four-way junction, but I guess that name wouldn't have sounded quite so cool.

We stopped in at the Apache Casino again to get some other souvenirs we had thought about all weekend (whether we wanted them or not) - by this time the car is groaning under all the purcahses...

We got home about 8.30pm and unloaded the car and that was pretty much us done for the night - the trip is long - not boring, by any means - but long is long and we could all feel the shape of our arses by this stage - it was good to get off them, that's for sure.

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