Saturday, December 16, 2017

14th December - on the way to Oslo

Well, this is billed as a ferry - but it’s much more like a cruise ship.  Everything you could want is on board.  Including (if you really have to have it) a casino.

We did some duty free shopping - I bought a very sloppy, snuggly super long t-shirt type thing and a few touristy type of things.

The room is perfectly serviceable - not too small and but not overly large.

Top photo is in our room - with window - and the bottom one is as we’re travelling through Kiel.  It was a tad cold!

We went to the show on board - at first I thought it was a bit naff but it picked up after the first number.  In the end it was actually really good - singing a lot of stuff that was really our era.  George Michael, Nirvana, Robbie Williams, Joan Jett & the Black Hearts, Ram Jam then on to some stuff I grew up listening to (and still do) - some Sweet.  All in all - it was really good.

We checked out the casino (didn’t throw any money away though). Turned in, going past Denmark and woke coming into Oslo!

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