Tuesday, December 05, 2017

And so the 2017 Christmas tour begins

The flight left 20 minutes late - just what you want with 15 odd hours is another 20 minutes on top!  But after that it was smooth.  The guy in the (middle) seat next to me had to move, as his entertainment unit didn’t work - so the lady in the window seat and I had a little more room to move. I slept most of the flight, on and off - in hour/hour and a half snatches - so that was really good.  It was blissfully uneventful.  I watched Wonder Woman - the last 18 minutes without sound as they taken back the headsets and I was too ‘meh’ to get out mine with the adapter.

Transiting at Dubai was a lot smoother than previous.  I think with the massive upgrades and extensions they’ve been doing and are in the process of doing, they’ve put in more than the one security check point to go through - which made a huge difference.

Dubai to Dublin was possibly the worst flight I’ve ever had.  The most uncomfortable seats known to man (and I’ve regularly flown with Ryan Air and the likes - cheapest of the cheap).  I was in a lot of pain, a good deal of time, as my coccyx was screaming.  I feel like I need to have a burning ceremony for my jumper since I was ‘arsed’ by pretty much everyone on the bloody flight including all but one of the cabin crew, and my arm bashed constantly by the trollies.  If the aisle is too small for the staff to walk down without arsing the clients - you have issues.  The seats were so narrow I have a bruise from the recline button on my thigh, and the not release side of the seat belt didn’t extend above the arm-rest - so doing up the seat belt was an exercise in gymnastics.

Depending on the flights home - this may be Emirates last hurrah - and back to Singapore Airlines!

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