Friday, December 08, 2017

Traveling to Inverness

There were no standing stones, no jump back in time, so sadly therefore no Jamie waiting me when I got here.

The airport is quaint - probably about the size of Bundaberg so getting through and out was no problem.

Inverness is postcard pretty.  I haven’t taken anywhere near enough photos, because they would be of people’s houses (and I’m always a bit funny about that) - but you could wander the streets taking in the fantastic old places all day and not get bored.

I went into the city centre and did just that - took it all in.  There is definitely a magic to the highlands, as if the fae are about to whisk you away if you’re not paying attention.  The people are really friendly.  Got a couple of great shots of Inverness Castle.

I picked up a pair of jeans - which I thought scanned wrongly as they were supposed to be 35 Pounds (I toyed with getting the cheaper ones - but they were thinner and decided to go with these)... good thing too - they scanned at 3 Pounds 54 Pence!!!  Bargain

I also go a thin micro fleece jacket to wear underneath my eiderdown, I mean jacket, as Mum and Dad warned me how bad the weather at Culloden was when they were there.  It will help in the Czech Republic and Poland too, I’m thinking too.

So not a really touristy day - but I’m here and really looking forward to tomorrow.  I’m just hoping the weather doesn’t shut down the transport.  We’re about to cop the aftermath of the big storm that hit the States and are in for 80mph winds (that’s about 120km/h) and rain.  That would be a real kick in the teeth to be shut in because of the weather!!!  Let’s see what the morning brings.

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