Saturday, January 20, 2018

19th January 2018 - off to Krakow

We set sail at about 20 past nine this morning and got to Krakow, without incident, at around 3.45pm....we then drove around for the best part of an hour because the centre of town is a nightmare system of one-way streets and some were blocked for work!

We finally got to the Hotel - and Oh My Goodness - it’s as posh as the photos look.  It’s bloody amazing.. I so do not fit here LOL.

I’ll take some photos in the morning, when it’s light. But we overlook the old town square and have a balcony too!  There’s even a piano in one of our rooms......  Swish - very swish.

We went out to explore a bit, bought some souvenirs.  We then brought them back and went out to dinner - very nice.... tried a very typical Polish drink - Żubrówka with apple juice. Very tasty and VERY dangerous - you really can’t taste the vodka too much at all - and so it seems like you’re just drinking apple juice until whammo! You’re three quarters pissed.... (we all know I’m a lightweight when it comes to drinking - but I will say that I have drunk more on this trip than in the last 5 years put together, I think)!

Marketa has discovered the definitive answer to any argument (which came after drinking 500mm (yes - she said millimetres to start with - so you KNOW that one is sticking forever), which is:  Coz - Yeah!  And that my friends, is the shut down to any and all arguments!

We went to a local store to grab water for our trips tomorrow - I’m off to Auschwitz, but that’s not something for Marketa, so she’s off to Wawel Castle instead. We shall meet back up afterwards and compare notes.

As a finale for the night, we had a 25 minute horse carriage ride through the old town - it was just lovely and the horses were fantastic afterwards.

More photos in the next post.

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