Friday, January 05, 2018

4th January 2018

Today was a 6 @ 6 Day.  6 (6.1 to be exact) kilometres at 6 degrees.  The weather looked a bit iffy - but I thought I would risk it.  It nearly didn’t go so very well.  It started to spit on the way, twice - but really only a few drops, so I pressed on.  The on the way back it started to rain very lightly a little before I got to Bernard’s place and I figured if it really started, I could duck in there and take refuge... but it stopped again so I kept going.  Luckily it held off until after I was at home so I got my full walk in.

This afternoon Mama went to the hairdressers which gave me the chance to wander through the mall in Leer.  I headed straight for Douglas for something pretty fab-o I’d seen online... but they didn’t have it in store.  The lady was super helpful though and ordered it for home delivery (takes 2 -3 days).  I cannot say here what it is - but it will bring happy happy joy joy to someone so it’s one of those air-punch moments.  The staff were all really nice too - I really must find an online yelp-type thing for them to leave positive feedback!

Then we collected my BINGO winnings and headed home to enjoy a cozy evening, while the wind howled outside.

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