Friday, May 05, 2006

More about the Czech Republic

Well, the next day, we started kind of early (for being on holidays - we hit the road at about 20 past 8 in the morning - I thought it was about to kill Marketa)! :)

We went to Karlstejn, which is a gorgeous little village that houses the Castle of Karl IV. He's the one who had the bridge built that everyone knows, from Prague, and lots of other things. He's really the king that people loved. I've put in a photo of the bridge here too, as well as his castle. It's hard to condense what we saw into a few lines, but the village was just charming. Totally geared to tourists, but for all that, had not been spoiled by it. The old houses were not hugely renovated to become the little gift shops that they were, instead the people used them the best they could, how they were. The prices were also much better than in Prague. We found a gorgeous present for Mum's birthday, which is currently winging it's way to her, as we speak. I just couldn't take it with me.

After going around the castle and coming back down the hill, it started to rain, so we had lunch in one of the small restaurants there (hoping the rain would be over by the time we were finished - and it was), and I think it was honestly the tastiest chicken I've ever had. Eating out in the Czech Republic is really inexpensive (as long as you stay out of central Prague). The chicken, with fries, cost less that $4.00!!!!

After the castle, it was back into Prague to go over Charles' Bridge and on to Prague Castle.

Tomorrow it's back to Germany....

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