Friday, May 05, 2006

Tulips from Amsterdam

Saturday the 29th April was fun, Maja picked me up and we went into Leer to hang out (have an ice-cream) and then back to her parent's place for dinner - freshly smoked (by Dieter), Trout - mmmmmm. Does life get better?

On Monday, Menna, Dieter took Mama and I to Keukenhof just outside Amsterdam. They have this huge Tulip display. It's like a botanical garden, just for Tulips. Not something I could pass the chance to see, since Tulips are my favourites. The weather was totally shitty and rainy, but it was still great. We covered a lot of ground and got pretty wet, but I took heaps of photos, and have included a couple here. One of the large fields behind the actual garden displays and one of an intersting one that looks more like a lolly than a flower.

Next it's off to Kiel for Knud's christening.......

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Great Stuff. we enjoy reading your blog