Sunday, June 03, 2007

Where does time go?

So it's several weeks later and things have been mooching along, not nicely, not badly - just mooching. But I still thought it was time to touch base with my 'diary'.

Work has been insanely busy - as the end of financial year draws closer - so the pressure mounts. My accounts are still pretty much the worst ones out there - but I know I've stopped the rot and the 'current' outstanding is nothing like the ancient (almost fossilised) debt that I'm trying to clear up.

So between work (where I've changed my hours to 10am to 6pm, in an effort to workout before work), and working out - there hasn't been a lot of time left over. What time there has been - we've been painting. We would have finished the walls and ceiling this weekend, but the weather was very gloomy, giving us really bad light - so we decided not to ruin an important job and got on with other things.

Yesterday's two intense workouts have left my legs awfully sore today - but a quick check on the machine yesterday confirms that it's muscle mass that I'm building, because the fat %age and BMI have decreased and my muscle mass has increased - so it's paying off. The 300g that I was still over my lowest weight was a combination of muscle and water, since I am back to drinking enough fluids again, finally. So I am happy. I figure that even if I have to work out twice a day for a few months until I reach my goal, it will be well worth it - the maintaining I know I can do, from this last couple of months' plateau. The only 'bad' side effect from training that much harder is that I'm starving a lot of the time, and trying to figure something out that doesn't 'cheat' too much - but there is no way I can do that much excercise and not eat more - I know I would just be ill.

Friday night I also got to tell Jaelin that we're off to see Finding Nemo on Ice - we're both really excited. I have to make her a count-down calendar though - since she doesn't have a clear concept of how far away a month is, until we go. So I will have to get some ink for my printer and get that organised ASAP.

Well, that's pretty much my news - hopefully the rest of the fat will drop away at a rate closer to how it did when I started again and I will done in no time. I figure that another 10kgs is probably a good guess at where I need to get to - though I think I'd really like to get under 70kgs - but it will depend on how much weight the muscle adds up to - I have no idea..... That is something I will play by ear and judge bit by bit.

Until next time.....

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