Monday, September 10, 2007

Wow - what you miss when you're in bed with a migraine

I shouldn't be on here - I came home from work with a migraine - staring at a computer screen really doesn't help - but I wanted to check my emails and catch up on news very quickly.

So Peter Beattie's retiring on Thursday - good! He's run out of steam? Well, you couldn't tell that from the way he's been bull-dozing through the issues, as if people's opinions don't matter. Howard 'got on with him' - figures - they both have the attitude that they'll do what THEY think it right, no matter what the people think. So now we'll have Bligh in charge - could be interesting, could be more of the same - we shall have to see. I don't think you can necessarily believe that the sucessor will act as they have as 2IC, when they're in charge - afterall - they have to tow the line or not be 2IC anymore - the coming months may well prove interesting. I think the fairest thing to say is that I don't think she could do a worse job. (Let's hope I don't end up eating my words).

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