Thursday, October 23, 2008

Las Vegas

Vegas Baby! What an eye-opener! We started off going to a stupid time-share presentation in order to get cheap tickets to Love (a Cirque de Soliel production) and also to see Bodies (the anatomical presentation of real cadavers in various states).

The presentation was painful and it went on way longer than we were originally told. Tracy took charge and just got us out of there as quickly as possible. After that we walked a large portion of The Strip. It takes so much longer to do anything than you would think of. You look at the map and it's 'just' a few hotels, right? Wrong! The hotels are ENORMOUS!!! The Luxor (where we stayed) was the 2nd to last hotel at the Northen end of the strip. Knowing what we know now, if I were to go back, I would pick a hotel in the middle. We walked and walked and walked, but it was so interesting. I was pleasantly surprised at how the night still looked like night on the Strip. I thought it would be lit up like daylight and totally unrealistic. It wasn't like that. I didn't like the lines of people (men and women alike) flicking their cards and thrusting them at all the males with 'their' girls on them. Really offensive - but I guess sex and 'sin' is all part of Vegas and its reputation.

What we wanted to know was where were the cards for the girls, with hot guys on them?????

The Love show was incredible....completely amazing. It made me want to go out and buy the entire back catalogue of Beatles albums.... It was really spell-binding.

Sunday morning it was up and back on the road to the Grand Canyon.....

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