Thursday, June 07, 2012

The Countdown Continues.... less than 2 months now

With less than two months to go before taking off on my next adventure and I'm having trouble with my phone....  something's gone wrong with my account setting and all my international calls are being charged, instead of using up the free minutes I have on the plan... NOT happy...  My first efforts to fix it - last month - I was not confident about but told it would be okay blah blah blah... Surprise, surprise, it was not.  I do, however, have more confidence in the people fixing it now though - just a feeling....  So hopefully this time will see it sorted.

It's all too exciting at the moment. Just when I am in count down mode - and starting to freak out at the lack of time versus things to do....  and Marketa springs a surprise visit on us next month!!!!!!  And while that is undoubtedly insanely great news - it cuts down prep time (in the bestest possible way) another 3 weeks... Guess I'd better stop procrastinating......NOW....

Thankfully we have a long weekend this weekend - so I'd best get a wriggle on and get some stuff done.

The dress for Maja and Marion's wedding is still way up in the air.. but that's what happens when you find out that the dress theme to the reception is "White and Summery"......after all the summer clothes are replaced by the winter clothes, in readiness for winter....

I was told by a very nice lady in the Mrs Fat-Bastards department at Myers that the Spring clothes will hit the stores in July.... so I hope she's right and they start carrying stock soon.

If not - then patterns and a good recommendation for a dress maker will see me through...

So that's the next update... more soon....  probably when Marketa is here.

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